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User Guide

The Top Five Addons are located underneath files/addons

You can click down with your remote to start any of these

Addons By highlighting the Addon and pushing ok

If you highlight addons underneath VIDEO you will find a full selection Of other Addons to enjoy

All addons are different but if you enter you will see a list of options If you want to watch TV Shows then highlight TV Shows and push OK If you want to watch Movies then highlight Movies and push OK

You can also get latest episodes, Movies, Search, Favorites etc depending on the Addon you are in

Different Addons give you different options

If you wanted most voted movies for this Addon you would highlight most voted and push ok

Highlight the Move/TV you want to watch and push OK

A list of files will appear for you to choose Not all the files work or are good files, it may take you multiple files to check before getting a good file If it says url failure or error or doesn’t load then continue to next file down on the list Once you hit a file the movie will load If its bad quality or a bad file (buffering, skipping etc) Back out and try another file on the list until you get a good stream If no good streams are found then try a different Addon

There are over a thousand Addons Too add other Addons on your box go to VIDEO ADDONS push OK Scroll to the bottom of the page and Highlight Get More and Push OK

Scroll down to the Addon you want and push OK Then Highlight Install and Push OK TO delete an Addon Go to the Addon and push OK Scroll to Uninstall and push OK When it says are you sure say Yes

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