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Right Out Of The Box

Take out your Media Player, Remote, HDMI Cable, and Power Cord


Step 1

Plug the HDMI Cable into the back of the Media Player that says HDMI Plug the other end of HDMI into one of your HDMI ports on your TV Go to Input on your Remote and navigate to the HDMI port you just put the cable into


Step 2

If plugging in an Ethernet cable then plug one end of Ethernet Cable to your Modem/Router and the other end into the back of the Media Player that looks like a phone jack


Step 3

Put the power cord into the back of the Media Player and plug into a power outlet


Setting up Internet Connection


To the right of your screen you will see a tab called SETTINGS


Move the cursor to settings and push OK


Under Network choose Ethernet or Wifi For Ethernet Just click Ethernet and OK To connect Wifi go to Wifi push OK Find your Wifi name and push OK Enter your password (if applicable) and push OK


You should now be connected to Wifi If it doesn’t connect to Wifi Try turning off the media player Unplug your Modem/Router wait 10 seconds and plug back in Once Modem/Router is completely on please Turn on media Player

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